"Sweet Chuck" The Hip-Hop Cop
"Sweet Chuck" The Music Industry's Hip-Hop Cop

Howard I. Rubin / Personal Protection & Security Specialist

Many high profile music events have come under fire lately for security
lapses putting security issues are on the minds of music professionals.
Security concerns have plagued many in the music business who only
want to ensure a positive image for themselves, the artist and most
importantly, concert goers.

That is where security and law enforcement specialist Howard I. Rubin
come to your aid. Officer Rubin is a Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Officer
and has served as a personal security to national and local music
recording artists, sport figured and celebrities.

How much security in needed at events like these? How do you handle
the particular security concerns of certain music acts?
The answer is the
Hip-Hop Cop, who brings over 20 years of experience as
he tackles the multifaceted issues of artist protection and security and
overall well being to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

It is this personalized - yet highly specialized - security knowledge that
contributes in Rubin's UN parallel access to artist, especially in the
hip-hop arena. Officer Rubin tenacious handling of Soul Train Award
winning rapper
Notorious B.I.G won
the late artist affectionate nickname:
"Sweet Chuck" The music industry's
Hip-Hop Cop.
Not only has the nickname stuck, it has continued to snowball
thought out the hip hop community, making Officer Rubin's continued
behind-the-scene acceptance and access.

In the exciting world of entertainment - and operating in a post-911
security standard. The experience of
The Hip-Hop Cop will assist all
members of the music business community by noting safety concerns and
unusual situations.
Contact information:
Cell                                      267-259-7454
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Email:                                rubin@thehiphopcop.net
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